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Asset management system
Asset Management System

Tracking Your Assets

BRINFO Asset Management System (ASM) is a flexible, web-based multi-user asset management system that keeps you abreast of every item in your organization. It simplifies the process of identifying, locating, and tracking all assets, from computers to general office equipment to furniture, every single detail. In just a keystroke, ASM gives you complete control and allows you to:

  • Track assets by history, location, department, employee, purchase order, contract, etc.
  • Maintain an audit trail of transfer dates, locations, and valuations
  • Reassign assets individually or by group
  • Define and create custom fields for asset information
  • Create and maintain property catalogues
  • Generate reports to internal maintenance staff or suppliers
  • Export data/report to EXCEL spreadsheet

Your Complete Source of Asset Information

ASM maintains comprehensive information on:

  • A number of asset parameters, as well as user-defined data fields
  • Asset life, valuation and maintenance information
  • Asset acquisition, in-service, and warranty dates
  • Original costs plus current valuation and status
  • Complete maintenance histories of all assets
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance work orders
  • Grouped collections of assets
  • Individual components of an asset

Enterprise Integration

ASM is designed to seamlessly inter-operate with other software, giving you unprecedented control and retrieval of information though a single user interface. It is web- based and can easily operate over Novell, Windows NT/2000 or TCP/IP networks. Customizable security and network administration features provide access privileges to selected individuals or groups via password protection. This capability enables flexible, but secure, information management across the entire enterprise

Information Management

ASM is a flexible, easy-to-use system that puts asset information at your fingertips. Information from ASM can be imported from and exported to Microsoft Office, Web browsers and other applications. Other ASM features include:

  • Advanced query development and ad hoc reporting using an EXCEL pivot table.
  • Full RDBMS implementation for flexibility and advanced information management
  • Standard Microsoft Windows multi-tasking, point-and-click graphical user interface
  • Total integration with Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Excel.