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Time management system
Time Management System

Labour management is an ongoing activity critical to any organization and an important part of the payroll cycle. Typically, time and attendance data is collected using paper and Excel. There is no automated mechanism to get this information into the payroll system.The accuracy of information is also difficult to control as there are no built-in-mechanisms to validate, inform and report on data. A labor management solution that seamlessly ties into the payroll software can greatly streamline the process, reduce human errors, facilitate reporting, and lead to a quick and tangible return on investment. TMSWEB is an integrated software / hardware combination that allows total control over employees' time and attendance data. TMSWEB also offers unparalleled performance, with the flexibility and functionality required for today’s working environment.


  • Maintain employee profile information
  • Supports optional employee sign-in/out for work days, weekends and holidays
  • Online access to current up-to-date leave balances
  • Automates leave request and approval
  • Supports use of UNLIMITED holiday categories
  • Supports use of UNLIMITED leaves categories

Key Benefits of Brinfo TMSWEB

  • Eliminates the need to have the conventional punch card
  • Automatically detects tardiness, absenteeism and erroneous entries
  • Automate Human resource function to increase productivity
  • Minimize costs associated with payroll preparation.
  • Reduce unauthorized overtime, unearned benefit time, etc
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency in computing payroll.
  • Collects, calculates, edits and reports employee hours.
  • Generate REAL-TIME REPORTS for management decision making.

System Requirements

  • - MS Windows 2000 Server
  • - Internet Information Services2.0
  • - MS SQL Server 2000

Development Tools

  • - MS Visual Studio 6.0
  • - MS Visual Studio .NET
  • - MS SQL 2000 Server
  • - MS Frontpage 2002

Information Management

ASM is a flexible, easy-to-use system that puts asset information at your fingertips. Information from ASM can be imported from and exported to Microsoft Office, Web browsers and other applications. Other ASM features include:

  • Advanced query development and ad hoc reporting using an EXCEL pivot table.
  • Full RDBMS implementation for flexibility and advanced information management
  • Standard Microsoft Windows multi-tasking, point-and-click graphical user interface
  • Total integration with Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Excel.