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Web conferencing
Web Conferencing

The next generation of Web Conferencing

The idea of web conferencing is to use the public Internet, a company intranet, or both to conduct business meetings, accomplish collaborative tasks, or deliver training. People need to see and work on documents with you. You need to present something and get live feedback. Or perhaps need to brainstorm, teach, demonstrate or sell

Click to Meet eclipses the previous generation of web conferencing tools in three key ways:-

  • Click to Meet make entering and participating in conferences simple, have a wide range of web collaboration tools to choose from, and allow almost anyone to participate
  • Individuals can initiate, moderate, and invite new participant on the fly with no help from IT department. Click to meet provides more control over content and less concern about tools
  • Click to Meet show measurable returns on investment using realistic metrics and can eliminate the recurring per minute, per participant costs of other solutions.


At your desk

The click to Meet family stresses the ability to work from your desktop. You’re there most of the time, you don’t worry about “room availability” and all your stuff is right here. Make online collaboration with remote participants as spontaneous as if they were in the office next door.


Next generation web conferencing is about providing you with the ability to collaborate with the media that make the most sense for you. your choice of voice, applications, presentations, text or multi-point videoconferencing. Video is just one aspect of the solution. With a recent PC and nothing else, Click to Meet users can view up to 30 frames per second multi-point video with complete participant control.


The Click to Meet family is also about making life easier for system administrators by giving them the tools they need to manage the network. Standard server hardware and operating systems can be used. Just plug it in and start. Administration tasks in an enterprise or service provider setting are similar to setting up a new web server. Configure the system for existing or new video and audio gateways and gatekeepers through web based forms